The World Cup Rules For Fans Are Absolutely Outrageous

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The World Cup in Qatar sounds like it’s going to be a nightmare for fans.

World Cup action officially gets underway November 20, and millions of people around the globe are fired up for the soccer event.

However, people flying into Qatar should be ready for some intense restrictions on their behavior.

World Cup will feature crazy rules in Qatar. (Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images for Supreme Committee 2022)

World Cup fans need to prepare for insane rules and regulations.

Alcohol won’t be sold during games, you can’t drink in public (can drink in regulated bars), fans are told to dress “modestly” with their shoulders covered and no skirts, several prescription medications are banned and might not be allowed and that’s just the start, according to The Independent.

The laws are so strict that profanity isn’t even allowed. Yes, you’re not allowed to swear. Good luck with enforcing that one Qatar.

As for people looking to engage in intimate activity, you might want to wait until you’re out of Qatar airspace to get it going. Even kissing in public will get you arrested, according to the same report.

World Cup fans will face serious restrictions in Qatar. (Photo by Qatar 2022/Supreme Committee via Getty Images)

Shaking hands with Qatari women is also suggested to be avoided, and The Independent noted there are no exception in Qatari law for tourists. That means if the cuffs get slapped on, tourists in Qatar for the World Cup could be in huge trouble.

So, just to be clear, you can’t hammer beers during the games, you can’t dress how you want, you can’t kiss someone in public and you can’t even drop a few f-bombs.

Who thought the World Cup being held in Qatar was a good idea? These rules are crazy. If the United States government imposed these rules on fans, there might be a second civil war led by college football fans.

What are the rules for the World Cup in Qatar? Is alcohol allowed? (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

If you are traveling to Qatar for the World Cup, exercise extreme caution. It sounds like one bad decision could lead to horrific experience in a Qatari prison.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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