Celine Dion Fans Gather Outside Of Rolling Stone To Protest Her Being Left Off Of Top 200 Singers List

Rolling Stone has made Celine Dion fans angry. Very Angry.

Like "mad enough to make cardboard signs and march outside of the Rolling Stone offices" angry.

The magazine recently published a list of the Top 200 Singers of all time. This was the second time they had done this, the first coming in 2008.

These lists always ruffle feathers, and it seems like that's kind of the point. People are always going to get angry that their favorite artist was left off the list.

*Raises hand because Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson was nowhere to be found*

However, no fanbase has a gripe quite like Celine Dion's. I mean, she has the voice of an angel and sang a hit song from the soundtrack of the movie about history's most ironic shipwreck!

She was a shoo-in!

So, her fans came out in force to air their grievances.

Glenn Danzig Proves Celine Dion Got Hosed

Yeah, it's just a dumb list, Celine really did get snubbed. Look no further than who came in at No. 199: Glenn Danzig.

As much as I like every band he's had — Danzig, Samhain, and, of course, the Misfits — there's not a human being alive who would say he's a better vocalist than Celine Dion by any conceivable metric.

Not his voice, not his range, not his ability to sing without moving the mic away from his mouth.

And again, I dig the man they call "Evil Elvis," but he shouldn't be on that list ahead of Celine Dion.

Bruce Dickinson on the other hand...

Those who also placed ahead of Celine Dion included Billie Eilish, Kelly Clarkson, Jung Kook from BTS and Frank Ocean. By the way, that doesn't even get us past No. 190 on the list!

Not since KISS was repeatedly told "Thanks but, no thanks" for decades by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has an artist been snubbed this badly by something that doesn't matter.

These lists are intended to get strong reactions from readers, it's why they leave out obvious choices and include some real head-scratchers.

So, Rolling Stone got exactly what it wanted. At least if what it wanted was having to wade through a mob of angry Celine Dion fans if they want to grab lunch at a diner down the street.

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