CDC Quietly Ends Recommendation for Universal Masking in Healthcare Facilities

One by one, the pillars of absurdity are being knocked down. This time, it's courtesy of the CDC.

Vaccine passports and mandates, harmful, pointless school closures, and increasingly useless and ineffective mask mandates have all become substantially less common as reality has disproven expertise.

Despite their best efforts to create a forever pandemic, where the public is permanently subject to the whims and incompetent interpretations of a select few public health bureaucrats, many are moving on.

The CDC, which has thoroughly and completely discredited itself during the pandemic, so much so that many top employees have quit in protest, is finally moving towards accepting the futility of universal masking.

Of course, they did it as quietly and stealthily as possible so that the public didn't get the idea that they were entirely admitting they were wrong.

CDC No Longer Recommends Universal Masking In Healthcare Settings

Their "Infection Prevention and Control" recommendations page was updated to say that they no longer recommend universal masking in healthcare settings, unless the local area is in the arbitrary "high transmission" zone.

The agency claimed on their website that “Updates were made to reflect the high levels of vaccine-and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools."

Undoubtedly, however, many anti-science cities like Los Angeles and New York will continue to enforce useless masking requirements on doctors, now that misinformation has been disseminated allowing incompetent local officials to believe in masks, based on nothing:

As long as people like Ferrer believe this disproven nonsense, there will always be mandates enforced in local jurisdictions across the country.

There never was any justification to require masking in healthcare settings, let alone for the general public. Pre-pandemic planning documents all said masking was likely to be ineffective, given there was no substantial evidence to suggest otherwise.

Instead, experts abandoned their evidence base based on absurd assumptions and wishful thinking. Now doctors, nurses and patients will be forced to mask off and on indefinitely.

While this news is a positive development, it's not the permanent admission of inaccuracy that's necessary to allow healthcare professionals to finally move on.