Carlos Correa Posts Instagram Photo Hinting At Mets Deal

The saga continues between All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa and his next Major League Baseball team. After not being able to come to an agreement with the San Francisco Giants over a dispute during his medical evaluation, Correa would then find himself in the same place with the New York Mets.

However, the Mets are all in on a World Series Championship for this season and the near future - so would multi-billionaire Steve Cohen just said the heck with it and sign Correa anyway?

The drama only continued earlier today when Correa posted a photo on his Instagram of him holding his young son wearing an "I <3 NY" shirt. The caption reads, "Going to work with daddy today."


Now normally people would pass this off as nothing.

But this is 2023 everyone. And this is sports we're talking about people!

It's a fan's God-given right to get overly excited about simple Instagram posts that might not mean anything. And the media? We live for this kind of stuff. I'm sure some local New York programs will do multiple hours of coverage on this Instagram post - hell, I already know many Mets bloggers have gone live on socials to super-analyze what Correa's Instagram post must mean.

Correa and the Giants had agreed on a 13-year, $350 million deal before the Giants disagreements. Once that was called off, Cohen swooped in and made his pitch in the middle of the night to a12-year, $315 million contract.

The issue at hand though stems from an older injury that Correa suffered and the team's unwillingness to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for someone whose playing time is already suspect. In 2014, Correa had arthroscopic surgery to repair a fractured fibula and some ligament damage. He also had a metal rod put into it to help his recovery.

Although Correa's previous health issues don't seen to have affected his playing time as of late, just missing 42 games over the past three seasons - the Giants definitely saw enough concerns to not continue their pursuit. The fact that the Mets double downed on their concerns only makes it more precarious. There are reports that the Mets are trying to renegotiate the terms of the deal and perhaps ask Correa to take lesser years. However, Correa's camp has reportedly said that they are against taking less years.

So that's the latest on Carlos Correa. Hopefully he posts more Instastories so we can get trolled even more!

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