Canadian Epically Reacts To Government Recommending Less Alcohol: 'Why You Gonna Tell Me How Much I Can Drink At Home?'

A man in Canada decided to pick up the banner of defending freedom amid the government encouraging less beer consumption.

A man in Ontario (via blogTO) named Dino was asked by CHCH about the government recommending just two drinks a week, and his reaction will have you ready to run through a damn wall.

"Two drinks a week? Well, That's just not feasible. Not in this country … Two drinks in a week, what's that going to do for you? That's not even going to get you through a day," the man passionately explained.

"There shouldn't even be guidelines anyway. Why are you gonna tell me how much I can drink at home? … The main point here is why are they telling me what I can drink at home," the man further added after saying he'd be okay drinking six beers a day. He capped off the epic interview by asking if it's better to drink four beers or two liters of soda.

Buckle up and enjoy this man's epic comments below.

This man loves beer, and you can pry it from his cold dead hands.

This man should honestly run to be the leader of Canada. It's time for change north of the border. Justin Trudeau needs to go and this man needs to be installed as the leader of the Canucks (that's said in endearing fashion ASAP).

The Canadian government wants people drinking just two beers a week. That's honestly insane, and you can't just take it lying down.

When tyranny shows up on your doorstep, you have to fight back. Part of that involves dominating the narrative and setting the tone.

This hero accomplished that mission in spades. Hell, I'm ready to grab my passport and head to Canada in order to support this fight for freedom.

If the good people of Canada lose their beer, then their society will forever be lost. They already don't have the simple freedoms we do here in America like the right to free speech.

All they have to get through their brutally cold streaks is some frosty beer. This guy won't be giving up his without a fight.

Godspeed, good sir.

The fate of an entire country now rests on his shoulders.

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