Cam Newton Leads Super Lit 'Swag Surf' After Randomly Popping Up At HBCU Homecoming

Cam Newton is for the culture. The 33-year-old quarterback, who has been out of the league since 2021, continues to pop up at various colleges across the country.

Many of his recent stops have had a direct correlation to his brother Caylin, who is a senior at William & Mary. That was the case again on Saturday as Cam arrived at Towson University to watch his little bro catch a touchdown pass and move to 6-1 on the season.

On Friday, prior to his stop at Townson, Cam randomly showed up at Howard University, an HBCU in Washington D.C. Caylin began his career with the Bison, but has not played there since 2019.

Homecoming is a huge deal at HBCUs and Howard is no exception, which drew Cam Newton to campus.

Cam was in town for the school's iconic Yard Fest concert on Friday afternoon. He was seen rocking a leather jacket and one of his more unique hats, which has become his thing. He was dripping.

Where many celebrities might have "big-leagued" the students and not paid them any mind, Cam spent much of his afternoon chopping it up with fans and taking pictures.

He also got the place jumping and led a very rowdy 'Swag Surf.' Cam, who posted up in the middle of the quad, got the students rolling with their hands waving back and forth.

It made for an epic scene as the sea of Bison turned all the way up to 11.

Again, Newton does not have ties to Howard, other than his brother playing two years at the school. It is unclear as to exactly why he was there, but he has been a consistent, vocal supporter of HBCUs and HBCU culture.

Friday's stop was just an hour down the road from where Caylin was playing on Saturday. So the trip made sense and allowed him to check out one of the most famous homecoming events in the country. Cam Newton is living his best life.