California Library Silences Female Athlete's Presentation For 'Misgendering' People In Hypothetical Situation, Riley Gaines Reacts

Sophia Lorey, a former college soccer player at Vanguard University, was invited to a local library in Davis, Calif. on Sunday as part of the 'Forum On Fair And Safe Sport For Girls' to share her story about being a collegiate athlete.

While introducing what she and others would be addressing during the meeting - and before she even began telling her own story - Lorey was accused of misgendering people by someone in the crowd. This led others, many wearing masks and others holding trans and gay pride flags, to interject about how "transgender women are women."


A librarian in the back of the room then jumped into the fray reminding everyone that California state law recognizes transgender women as women.

Lorey eventually began telling her story before quickly being cut off yet again after stating the very simple fact that "Current 10-year-old girls cannot live out the same dream as long as men are allowed to compete in women's sports."

This led the librarian to issue her a warning. Lorey adjusted her wording and began stating "biological girls" and "biological men," but that wasn't good enough for the anti-biology, extreme-left group in the room.

Watching the full video is worth every second of your time.

It's worth noting here that Lorey was not even talking about a specific person or specific situation. She was in the most literal sense imaginable, speaking in hypothetical terms about men playing women's sports.

Riley Gaines On The California Library Situation

Riley Gaines, host of OutKick's 'Gaines For Girls' podcast, shared the video to her 714,000 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, making note that it was men silencing Lorey's presentation.

Gaines also provided an exclusive comment about the situation.

“This young girl joins the long list of female athletes silenced for opposing unfair competition and giving up consent in areas of undressing where males are present," Gaines told OutKick. "Notice these were men trying to silence her and not women. Unfortunately, this isn't surprising anymore. The silent majority is needed more than ever to restore sanity.”

Unfortunately, Lorey being silenced for speaking about how women's sports should be exclusive to biological women is by no means surprising, especially in the state of California.

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