Harvard-Educated Doctor Explains To Riley Gaines That There Really Are Only Two Sexes

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Riley Gaines welcomed Dr. Carole Hooven onto the latest episode of the ‘Gaines For Girls‘ podcast to discuss a number of topics including transgender athletes, testosterone levels, and the term intersex.

Dr. Hooven, a Harvard Ph.D. holder, is an expert in gender ideology and explained to Gaines some of the confusions around intersex before making it clear that intersex conditions affect males or females, not a third sex.

“This misunderstanding [of intersex] is totally understandable,” Dr. Hooven began. “Intersex as a term is not particularly helpful, in my view. The language around these differences or disorders in sexual development (DSDs) is sensitive and people disagree about the proper terms to use.”

“Intersex really implies that one is between two sexes and that’s why I think it’s not helpful, because in the overwhelming majority of these DSDs, over 99%, they affect either males or females.”

“I said something about what male and female mean, and it’s important to understand that there because then you can understand why there isn’t a third sex”…”If you look across all of these sexually reproductive species, there are two reproductive classes, and we’re one of them as mammals. It’s very clear in mammals that there are males and females that must combine their gametes to create an offspring.”

After explaining that there is no third sex, Gaines and Dr. Hooven discussed that reducing testosterone levels in biological men doesn’t completely eliminate the advantage male athletes have gained during puberty.

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Written by Mark Harris

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  1. ‘an expert in gender ideology’. There’s your problem right there. Junk degrees designed to explain activist jargon, made up and changed on a whim to keep opponents on the backfoot.
    We’ve seen the trans gameplan, there’s two options. Either stay on the baseline countering the next laughably made up ‘truth’, or like Navratilova, serve up facts and come to the net and finish them off with an overhead smash!
    Then those who wish to live their lives their way, can get on with it, just as they did before fringe trans burlesque shows went into parades and activists decided now was their five minutes.
    Time for critical thinkers to serve and volley.

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