Buffalo Moms Shoot Their Shot With Josh Allen: 'Come To Mama'

Move over, Zach Wilson. Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is the newest cougar-hunter in town.

Following Sunday's devastating loss to Minnesota, all the moms in Buffalo started a petition to simply let Josh Allen know that "everything is going to be OK."

That's it. That's the entire petition.

Here's the synopsis for Moms for Josh Allen: Because sometimes you need a mom to tell you it's going to be OK.

"We know it is not easy to be a quarterback for any NFL team, but Josh Allen has taken on the weight of a city's hopes and dreams, in addition to the regular pressures of the game.

We have a history unlike any city and the pain and loss we felt in the past makes watching this Bills team a joy unlike any other. But we want Josh Allen to know that he shouldn't feel the weight of our history - that started long before he was born - on his shoulders.  

We love our QB, win or lose. We love our QB, amazing plays and occasional mistakes. We are so proud of having this young man represent us. It broke our hearts, as moms, to see the look in his eyes on Sunday.  

Josh, win or lose, we are proud of you. We know you can do this. And please know, we will be ok as a city no matter how this season ends and what happens. And don't forget to eat healthy foods and get lots of sleep (and slide when getting those extra yards - we worry)! Western New York moms love you to the moon and back!"

Josh Allen has all the moms in snowy Buffalo rooting for him

Nothing like a good pick-me-up from mom when you're feeling down, and Josh Allen certainly had a rough day at work Sunday.

Not only is his arm hanging on by a piece of dental floss, but the Bills blew like seven different leads and Allen pretty much cost them the game.

In case you missed it, not only did he fumble at the goal line to gift the Vikings a go-ahead touchdown, but he also threw just an awful interception in overtime to end the game.

Seems like those "occasional mistakes" are starting to pile up, but we're not here to diminish a great cause.

Anyway, this petition has already been signed by over 16,000 moms across Western New York, with several of 'em leaving comments as to "why they signed."

"Besides being adorable, he is a great QB. He has brought up the morale of the fans and grabbed up some more fans for our Bills!" writes Michelle.

Josh Allen is a 'very good boy'

Added Heather, "You ever need a hug, Joshy, I got you. You're a very good boy. You are good at what you do and doggone it people like you. It's ok to fail. That's how we get better. Now, come to Mama."

Courtney, meanwhile, offered up some sound advice.

"Stay positive - and hydrated - Josh!!! All the mama bears got your back," she said.

"Italian mom" Donna offered Allen some dinner.

"This Italian mom will make you some sauce and pasta it makes everything ok," she said.

Melanie followed that up by offering some dessert.

"Josh, If I could, I would bring you one of my amazing homemade pies," she said.

"Oh my Josh!," exclaimed Andrea.

Bella, also known as a #BillsMafiaBabe, wants Josh to be safe above everything else.

"Josh is our boy. We love having him leading us and want him to be safe! #BillsMafiaBabe," Bella wrote.

Melinda simply wrote, "I'm a Boy Mom."

Nick also chimed in with a little motivation for Josh. Hey, dads can be moms, too.

"You’re my favorite son and a shining light in this dark world and no amount of red zone interceptions will ever change that," he (I think?) said. "I love you with all my heart, never change Joshy."

Finally, Kelly didn't have time for the mushy crap and wanted to get to the real root of the problem.

"I think the more important thing here is that our egg head coach shouldn’t have played josh. We need Josh’s arm healthy for a playoff run," she writes. "Josh Allen and Steffon Diggs are the only two positive things to happen in the miserable city of Buffalo.

"If Coach McDermott keeps making boneheaded decisions we will be on a collision course to lose to the Cowboys in the Super Bowl AGAIN. Very Sad!"

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