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My brain is drained after reading through civil lawsuits filed against Bishop Sycamore's head coach

In case you guys missed it last night, the whole Bishop Sycamore story took a wild spin Monday when I was tipped off that the head coach, Roy Johnson, has an active warrant for his arrest. That was the highlight of the research into Roy. I spent at least 2-3 hours reading through civil lawsuits filed against the guy.

Yes, I've thought about what it would be like if the Delaware County Sheriff's Office showed up and arrested Roy on a sideline. But a police source told me that it's highly unlikely the sheriff will take one of his guys to chase down Roy in front of his 18-20-year-olds. Trust me, I would love nothing more than to see Roy get hauled off and trying to get an offensive play into a defensive lineman-turned-quarterback because Roy doesn't have enough gunslingers.

The next thing to watch is whether these big-time high school football programs on Bishop Sycamore's schedule go forward with the games or if they get cold feet about facing a team coached by a guy with a warrant.

It looks like I've assumed the Sycamore beat to go along with the Bigfoot beat and Thursday Night Mowing League responsibilities. You're damn right I'm busy!

• Jason W. writes:

What’s up Joe! I just read the OutKick article and came across Dayton, Ohio being mentioned. Being a “Daytonian” I thought it was awesome you brought that up in the article! Makes me proud to see Dayton mentioned by such a followed team as OutKick is! Great piece and thank you for not forgetting about good ol Dayton!

• I told Jason that I like to drop little mentions here and there to see if people are watching. I once dropped a Chicken Bristle Rd. mention and immediately heard from a reader who grew up near the road in New Lebanon, OH. This is just my way of keeping the Ohio readers on their toes. Clay has his Tennessee and southern thing going, so I do my thing up here north of the Ohio River.

I'm just going to stay in my lane over here.

• This is old news to some of you, but I finally watched the video of 11-year-old YouTube drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell performing last week with the Foo Fighters. Man, it's so nice to see a kid absolutely dominating something other than a video game. The drum stick twirls are perfect. The passion is invigorating. The fun is genuine. Nandi going 'Animal' from the Muppets on those drums is just what I needed after going through all those Roy Johnson lawsuits.

• I don't have a Wall Street Journal account so I wasn't able to read the full article, but Mike T. sent over a report on how people are converting garages into gyms, art studios and bars since COVID closed so many of their favorite places. One guy says he spent $150,000 to turn his garage into an art studio. And here I am waiting for 2x4s to drop $3 before I start going nuts building shelving units in my garage.

My theory, as I have mentioned many times here, is that garages are huge welcome signs to neighbors and friends. If the door is open, the garage fridge is open and it means I'm around. If it's closed, the front door is closed and the blinds are closed, that means you shouldn't be knocking on our door, you shouldn't be in the mood for garage beers, and I'm most likely hiding from the world.

Soon, I'll transition from a patio beer guy to a garage beer guy. It'll come around the time the leaves start to fall. Sweatshirt weather. That's about the time when I'm looking for three walls to cut the wind, but I'm not fully into basement mode. You guys know I love those patio beers, but there sure is something about those garage beers. Just Ohio guys being Ohio guys. People walking their dogs and the next thing you know, they're three beers deep and thinking about making it a sixer.

And with that, I need to get this post published before I write 500 more words on the beauty of garage beers. Let's have a strong content day. Let's get after it and keep counting those hours down before the first Thursday night of college football.


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