Britney Spears Spent More Than $4 Million On A Lawyer Over 17 Months

Britney Spears has dropped a ton of dough on lawyers.

According to TMZ — which cited a source with "direct knowledge" of the situation" — the music icon and woman who spins and posts nudes on Instagram has paid her lawyer Mathew Rosengart's firm $4,201,856.

This was between November 2021 and March 2023. I don't need to tell all you hardcore Britney’s stans, but this was the period after the conservatorship was set up to protect the singer came to an end.

However, that sum of money for those 17 months is not all of the cash that Britney has spent on the law firm. TMZ reports that the figure is closer to $6 million.

Rosengart was highly critical of the legal fees that piled up in the 13 years that the singer was under the conservatorship. He alleged that lawyers involved in the conservatorship raked in $30 million.

People in Britney Spears' circle were reportedly extremely unhappy about this. According to TMZ, Rosengart and his firm have agreed to provide free legal services to the singer for the foreseeable future.

That's wild. Most law firms don't offer any kind of loyalty program of that sort. They don't give you a punch card like it's Subway.

Rosengart's legal services go beyond Spears' courtroom battle with her old man, Jamie Spears. He has also reportedly helped her in other areas like with her music and a book deal.

Fortunately, she has the money to spend like this... for the time being.

TMZ reports that her net worth when the conservatorship ended was around $60 million. However, their source says it's much lower than that now.

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