Britney Spears Hits The Mall For Some Pre-Turkey Day Retail Therapy

Since it's unlikely that the Spears family will be breaking bread or smoking heaters together this Thanksgiving, Britney Spears skipped the standard Hollywood starlet routine of strolling through the gluten free aisle of Whole Foods for last minute holiday items, and opted instead for a little retail therapy. Britney spent her Wednesday at The Oaks shopping center just outside of west Hollywood.

Fortunately for those of us seeking content before feasting on football and dead birds, TMZ was able to gobble up a few snaps of the pop star prior to her (possibly) skimming through the racks of Hot Topic. Lest anyone have any doubt, the photos confirm: It's Britney bitch.

Spears' public mall trip shouldn't come as a surprise. Anyone following the 39-year old's social media (don't act like you're not part of the Britney Army) is keenly aware that since her conservatorship was ended earlier this month, The Holy Spearit has been pumping out content with all the frequency of Amazon deliveries. Just last week Britney gave the world a pre-Thanksgiving glance at her candied yams and glazed ham.

Though security surrounding Spears prevented TMZ from being able to uncover whether she choose to grab takeout from The Oaks' Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Panda Express or some other establishment, I have an inkling that the Mississippi in her led the pop princess to swipe her Amex card through the Hot Dog On A Stick's credit card reader.

One thing cameras did catch was Britney making the curious decision to pair her red knee-high boots with a pair of sunglasses inside. Before anyone else makes that move, they should consider the opinion of Larry David, who previously commented on that choice of fashion: "You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes."

I doubt the former Mrs. Federline cares what Larry David thinks. As her recent Instagram posts and public shopping spree would attest, Britney's last year in her thirties has been all gravy.


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