Boo Birds: Eagles Fans Let Jill Biden Have It

First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, was the Philadelphia Eagles honorary captain ahead of their Sunday night tilt with the Dallas Cowboys.

She received the kind of welcome we've come to expect from the great people of Philadelphia: a thorough booing.

And, no, it doesn't sound like they were saying "Boo-Iden!"

At least that is what the word is on Twitter, where the Birds faithful's booing prowess was the talk of the town.

As is maybe to be expected, NBC only showed about 10 seconds of Biden leading the crowd in a rendition of "Fly Eagles, Fly."

It's tough to boo and sing at the same time.

Of course, videos of this have been tough to find (feel free to come up with your own reason as to why that is). So, if you managed to track it down, be sure to tweet it to us, @OutKick, or shoot an email to

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