Boiling Mad: Wild Fight Breaks Out At Mississippi Seafood Restaurant

Emotions boiled over at the Juicy Seafood Kickin Crab, a 3-star Yelp restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi Saturday where warring parties threw chairs and punches at each other before heading for the exits before police could arrive.

What caused such a fight on a lovely Saturday in Jackson? Who knows. It's 2021. Someone could've refused to 'like' an Instagram post or something dumb. The other big question here: Why is there a Jeep in that restaurant?

“The little children that were nearby could have easily been hurt,” Stella Jones, assistant manager at the restaurant, told CBS-12. “This is our first experience of something like this, so we’re gonna have to put something in place.”

“Once they heard the police were on the way, they left,” local politician Ashby Foote told the TV station.

It's been a huge week for emotions boiling over. There was the Miami International fight that still doesn't have a motive, and then there were Dodgers fans beating the crap out of each other outside Dodger Stadium the other day where blood was spilled.

The great news out of all this is that businesses weren't burned to the ground. That's the silver lining of the week.

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