Blue Jays Fans Have Sex In Stadium's Upper Deck (Update)

A pair of Toronto Blue Jays fans confirmed Monday that chicks do indeed dig the long ball.

During last night's win over the Cubs, Blue Jays supporters took to the Rogers Centre's upper deck for their version of the seventh-inning stretch. Sex (allegedly) ensued, confirming that at least one half of the horny couple were able to snag some peanuts and cracker jacks.

Hopefully for the horny couple's sake, they really don't care if they never get back. Once determined by stadium staff that the ballplayers weren't the only ones going deep, the Blue Jays fans were escorted from the game.

This Is Becoming A Trend

Like most pro sports leagues, Major League Baseball is also a copycat league. Or at least from the fan's perspective. These Blue Jays fans likely didn't decide to turn Toronto into Pound Town on a whim. They were probably influenced by their brothers and sisters from the States.

Just more than a week ago, a pair of Oakland A's fans had their own mid-game romp.

Cameras caught a PG-version (Ok, PG-13) of the pair (possibly) arguing balls and strikes from the cheap seats. The female fan was so adamant she was right, that she got down on her knees to plead with her partner.

On Monday, these Blue Jays fans took it to another level. The Toronto twosome raised the bar (amongst other things), getting it on before considerably more fans than their Oakland counterparts. Rogers Centre's announced attendance was 26,473. The A's duo did the dirty in front of less than 10,000 people - cowards!

This all went down during the Blue Jays' 69th win of the season.

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