Blind People Are Pissed At Jerry Jones' Halloween Costume

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is staring at the sun after recently dressing up as a blind NFL referee for Halloween.

The National Federation of the Blind told TMZ Sports that Jones' costume only further "perpetuates" stereotypes that blind people are "incompetent." The organization's director, Chris Danielsen, said that the costume is "harmful" to those that are blind and singles out those that are visually impaired.

"He does have blind Cowboys fans," Danielsen said."They show up at games and put on headsets or listen on the radio. It may be something for him to think about."

Jones dressed in a pinstripe referee shirt, along with glasses and a cane.


Ahh yes, the annual tradition of people getting upset over someone taking their costume too far. It happens every year. Someone will think that they are witty or funny or have a "genius costume," only to show up and get chuckles by some and groans from others.

What do we expect people?

This is a damn holiday where we are telling everybody in the country to WEAR COSTUMES. Add Amazon delivering anything and everything to people and this what you get. Of course it's going to be a crap show!

Halloween is always going to bring the "oh no, that's too soon," reactions out of people. We can't all be ghosts and goblins and pirates and princesses.

Now, obviously all costumes aren't acceptable. And we know which ones that shouldn't ever be worn.

But, an 80-year-old NFL owner mocking the referees as being blind because they can't see what the hell is going on? That's pretty good.

Does Jones have something against blind people? Of course not. He's strictly ripping the referees and the league who absolutely stinks at calling penalties.

Danielsen went on to tell TMZ that he believes this could be a "teachable" moment for Jones and anyone else that might contemplating dressing up as a blind person next Halloween.


I remember someone in college dressed up as Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump. They did so because he legit thought Lt. Dan was an iconic, bad ass character from the film. It wasn't mocking, nor did he have anything against our brave veterans and military personnel who are a hell of a lot stronger than him - and the most of the rest of us.

I'm actually more shocked that the NFL, a league that just absolutely LOVES handing out fines if anyone publicly criticizes them, isn't going to go after Jones. I thought that would be a given. I mean they fined Ezekiel Elliott for jumping into the Salvation Army barrel because they considered it a "prop." That's the type of NFL we have.

As much as I'd love to rip Jerry Jones because I can't stand the Dallas Cowboys, I can't get on him for this one.