Black Hawk Down Veteran Hilariously Trolls Tom Brady's Military/NFL Comparison

Army veteran Brad Thomas had some fun with Tom Brady comparing playing in the NFL to being deployed during war.

Brady has been getting dragged ever since he made a couple tone-deaf comments on his podcast about what it's like playing in the NFL.

"I almost look at like a football season like you’re going away on deployment for the military, and it’s like, ‘Man, here I go again,'" Brady told his listeners.

Well, Brad Thomas, who fought in Black Hawk Down as an Army Ranger, poked a little fun at Brady early Wednesday morning. He shared a photoshopped photo (via Matt Rendar) of his time in Iraq with Delta Force, and Brady was suited up in his pads ready to roll with the boys.

The funniest part is that the photo includes "IRAQ 2003 COLORIZED."

Thomas, who also is a founding member of the rock band Silence & Light, also shared another post on his Instagram story calling out Brady's comments as "naive and offensive on many levels," and suggested the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has "lost" his "perspective."

Brad Thomas isn't alone in his reaction to Tom Brady.

Thomas isn't the only notable person who reacted to Brady's bizarre and unnecessary comparison. Adult film actress and podcast host Kendra Lust, who is a friend going back a few years, also called out Brady on social media for his dumb remarks.

So, Brady is taking hits from all corners of the internet.

Playing in the NFL isn't like being in a war.

Obviously, Tom Brady had no malicious intent with his comments. I think we all know that, but it doesn't make his comments any less dumb.

I've had the honor of getting to know a lot of veterans over the years. I think they'll be the first to tell you war is nothing like playing football. The main similarity is there is a team aspect, but that might be where the comparison ends.

War changes lives forever. Sometimes, it changes lives in the worst of ways. People die, soldiers get wounded and there can be a lot of trauma. It's literally nothing like flying around on private jets and making millions of dollars. Thomas, who I have an American Joyride episode coming out with next week, fought in Mogadishu and was a member of an SMU during the Great War on Terror. He's experienced war firsthand. He definitely knows what he's talking about on this subject.

Tom Brady should just exercise a bit more common sense on his podcast. It's really not hard to understand. Believe it or not, not everything is like having bullets sent in your direction in a foreign country.

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