BKFC Fighter & OnlyFans Model Charisa Sigala, Who Turned Heads With Revealing Weigh-In, Suffers Broken Leg During Fight

You can't win them all. A victory during weigh-ins is sometimes all you can ask for. Unfortunately for BKFC fighter Charisa Sigala, she'll have to settle for one of those weigh-in victories.

The OnlyFans model did her best promoting of the fight and herself by weighing in with almost nothing on. She walked out when her name was called, and once she hit the stage, the busty fighter ripped off her t-shirt and tossed it into the crowd.

Sigala promised an action packed fight at BFKC KnuckleMania 3 on Friday night against Jayme Hinshaw. She wasn't planning on the fight ending in the first-round with her on losing end.

The fight didn't play out as she had planned. Sigala was rocked early on following the opening bell and never fully recovered. When a right-hand dropped her with roughly 1:30 left in the round it was all over.

As Sigala was falling to the canvas, her right foot got caught underneath her body. This appears to have caused her to break the lower part of her leg or ankle.

After being dropped and noticing her foot was out of place, Sigala popped it back into position and attempted to stand up. Her leg wouldn't allow it.

It's at this point she informs the referee that she's too injured to continue. The referee waves off the fight and Hinshaw celebrates her first-round win.

This Is One Really Tough OnlyFans Model

Losing a fight is never easy. Losing a fight after suffering a horrific injury is brutal. Sigala was rocked and had a long way to go to get back into this one.

With the tiny hand wraps in bare knuckle fighting that's really hard to do. Having said that, it's not impossible. There was a chance she could have survived the round to mount a comeback.

What Sigala could not survive, and most fighters can't, is a broken leg. The fact that she popped it back in place and attempted to get back to her feet let's you know that she's a badass.

A badass who can make weigh-ins much more entertaining than they normally are.