Bills Mafia Introduces Itself To Lacey Jane Brown

NFL superfan Lacey Jane Brown joined Bills Mafia Sunday afternoon. In doing so, Ms. Brown stumbled upon something that was somehow even uglier than Buffalo's shocking overtime loss to Minnesota. Prior to the game, Lacey encountered a member of Bills Mafia dressed in anything but his Sunday's best.

Buffalo's finest was wearing the always delightful combination of ketchup, mustard and who knows what else.

Lacey shared her sticky situation on social media shortly after the Vikings and Bills kicked off.

Minnesota Defeated Buffalo 33 - 30 In Overtime

LJB didn't explain the story behind her new condiment covered friend. She simply captioned her IG post with "STOP 21– Officially got to experience Bills Mafia…who’s winning Bills or Vikings?!" There are times where someone might toss around the phrase "no explanation needed." This is not one of those situations.

I have two possible explanations: Beer and women. Both have been known to make red-blooded males do incredibly stupid things. And when combined, it can be lethal.

Evidence of both factors is present in the photo. Lacey's a damn smokeshow, there's no arguing that. So if she asked Buffalo Bill to make a fool of himself, who is he to say no?

Hell, I've personally done worse for less. No judgement here.

Secondly, the bottom left of the picture has a Bud Light resting in the Buffalo grass. I knew there had to be some alcohol involved. This is liquid courage at its (worst?) finest.

And I'm willing to bet one doesn't immerse himself in a Costco amount of condiments by shotgunning just a single beer. My man had to have at least a 12 pack in him. Light beer can't do this kind of damage alone. Reasonable minds would think some Bud heavy's were involved too.

Driving home as a human hotdog has to stuck. Driving home as a human hotdog after a loss would be considerably worse.

Lacey Jane Brown Is On A Mission

For the record, Lacey Jane Brown's membership within Bills Mafia, alongside Captain Condiment, was only temporary. Buffalo was just the latest stop along her route to break a world record. She's attempting to attend 32 NFL games in 73 days. Each game she attends will be in a different stadium. Sunday's stop in Buffalo was her 21st game, meaning she's already past the half-way point.

Brown, by the way, is a Chiefs fan. She resists wearing yellow and red when visiting the league's stadiums not named Arrowhead. Instead, Lacey Jane Brown generally opts to wear something affiliated with the home team.

To date, her most impressive feat might be hitting two games in one day. That happened on October 23rd when Lacey watched the Jags lose to the Giants in Jacksonville before darting over to Miami. Once in South Beach, LJB witnessed the Dolphins upend the Steelers.

Last month Brown shared her personal stadium rankings through the first 7 stops during her attempt at a world record. She specified that her "unbiased" rankings were a combination of the stadiums themselves and the fan experience. Baltimore finished first and unsurprisingly, Washington was at the bottom of her list.

Something tells me Buffalo will find itself near the top of her updated list.

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