Bijan Robinson's NIL Mustard Makes State Fair Of Texas Debut With Legendary Corn Dog Collaboration

Bijan Robinson will be playing at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday. Meanwhile, not far from where he will take the field, State Fair of Texas attendees will be chowing down on his mustard.

Over the summer, the Longhorns star running back signed what is arguably, if not definitively, the best NIL deal to date. Robinson created his own brand of dijon mustard and called it Bijan Mustardson.

Bijan... Dijon... Robinson... Mustardson... get it?

The mustard -- which features the tagline "it's like a touchdown in your mouth" -- is truly incredible. From a marketing standpoint it works like no other, and it happens to taste pretty good too.

Specifically, Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs has been a Lone Star State tradition since its debut at the fair in 1942. The stand lays claim to the invention and/or popularization of the corn dog and will have seven locations throughout the fair.

Over 500,000 Corny Dogs are sold annually throughout the 24 days of the State Fair of Texas. That is about 60,000 pounds of hot dogs. While the Fletcher family introduced ketchup in 1994, it believes that mustard is the correct condiment for a Corny Dog. It will go through 1,500 gallons of the yellow condiment each year.

Bijan Robinson's dijon makes its Texas State Fair debut

This year, Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs is introducing a new type of mustard to its stand. At least for this upcoming Saturday.

As Robinson takes the field on game day, Bijan's dijon will be served at the Fletcher's stand located in Big Tex Circle right outside of the stadium. He is collaborating with the iconic brand to tie-in the most unique NIL deal to date, with Texas football, as the Longhorns play. Brilliant.

Texas will take on Oklahoma at 11 a.m. CT on Saturday. His mustard will be available before and after the game, so there will surely be some victory Corny Dogs if Robinson and his teammates can pull out a win.

NOTE: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs operate seven stands at the State Fair of Texas but Bijan Mustardson will ONLY be available at the stand located in Big Tex Circle. Follow Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Bijan Mustardson as both brands will be sharing Instagram Stories and posts to help fans more easily find this product!