Bigfoot Sighting? Man Shares Chilling Hunting Experience

A man hunting in South Carolina allegedly had a bizarre interaction with something in the woods.

During an appearance on the popular podcast "Sasquatch Chronicles," a man going by the name of Bo claimed to have encountered something strange in the woods in 1999 during a hunting trip.

Just how strange was it? Well, it was maybe a man in a ghillie suit, or it might have been something much more sinister!

"He's 140 yards from me, and I've got a 4-20x power scope on a 7mm Remington Magnum. I'm zooming in, I'm zooming out, and I'm trying to see boots, or gloves, or a hat or something. All I could make out was a ghillie suit. Something like I'd never seen before," Bo explained when thinking he was perhaps looking at a poacher.

There's just one big problem with his original theory. The person/creature in question had no gun or other reasonable signs of being a human.

Things only got stranger from there, according to Bo! The alleged creature "spun like a spider."

"It was just creepy," Bo further explained. For the first time in the history of me reading or hearing Bigfoot stories, Bo did what I've always said people should do. He prepared to engage whatever he was looking at.

"Finger on the trigger, and I'm searching for eyeballs, face, hands. It was weird. It was just a lot of fur," Bo added. The creature then sprinted "60 to 100 yards in three seconds."

That means it's the fastest beast alive!

One of my huge complaints about alleged Bigfoot sightings has always been people never actually get their hands on one. There are a lot of hunters in America. Given all the alleged sightings, you'd think someone would have gotten a shot off.

Apparently not, but Bo was ready! Our guy Bo, who sounds like the perfect guy to drink a beer with, had his finger on the trigger!

Unfortunately, we'll never know what it was because the creature ran faster than any human on the planet. Think you know what Bo might have seen on that fateful day more than 20 years ago? Give us your best theory in the comments!

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