Big Ten Coaches Reveal Who Should Play Them In Movie, Paul Chryst Gives The Best Answer

Wisconsin football coach Paul Chryst doesn't think he's that interesting of a guy.

The Big Ten Network released a video of B1G coaches revealing who'd they'd want to play them in a movie. Ryan Day chose "Friday Night Lights" star Kyle Chandler, Jim Harbaugh went with Brad Pitt and Bret Bielema said Kevin Costner might have been able to play him at one point. If there's one thing that has never crossed my mind while watching "Yellowstone," it's definitely how Costner reminds me of the Illinois coach.

Who does Paul Chryst want to play him? Nobody because "they would never do a movie about me."

Paul Chryst is simply a brutally honest man.

While Bielema, who used to be Chryst's boss, is over here living out delusions of grandeur by thinking there was ever a time Kevin Costner could have played him, Chryst knows damn well he's never getting a movie about him.

Why even bother wasting time talking about who could play him? It's not going to happen, and Wisconsin is currently 2-1.

You think Paul Chryst or the fans want to hear about potential casting decisions after dropping a week two game to Washington State? Absolutely not.

The only one in the video who kind of hit the nail on the head was Ryan Day. Kyle Chandler is a very solid choice.

They don't look similar, but two do kind of share similar vibes. If Chandler was capable of making Coach Eric Taylor an all-time great character, he can definitely play the Ohio State leader.

Now, excuse me while I go laugh to myself for the next hour at the idea Kevin Costner, aka John Dutton, would ever portray Bret Bielema. Truly comical.