Australian Woman Commemorates Tinder Date With Tattoo, Documents It On TikTok

Ask anyone who has been in the dating scene over the last decade and the vast majority of Tinder dates are the kind you want to forget. Unless you're this woman from Australia who decided to get some ink with her Tinder match.

That'll be a fun one to explain to the grandkids someday...

Tiktok user Lil.Allyway hails from a Land Down Under and she decided to didgeri-do what most sane people would consider a first date didgeri-don't.

Lucky for us she recorded it and set it to music.

After getting gussied up, the woman and her date hit Starbucks and then stood on the beach where they no doubt engaging in awkward Aussie small talk.

Alright, Let's Get To The Tattoos...

Then it was time to hit the tattoo shop. You can see she's getting some ink on her back left shoulder, while her date got some on his forearm. Yet for some reason, she never shows what either one of them got.

I thought that was supposed to be the payoff for sitting through the video. Maybe I just don't understand TikTok.

So, you can use your imagination as to what the tattoos were. I'm going to guess she got a Koala or maybe a jar of Vegemite. I don't know. Something Australian.

The two finished their date by crushing some food and then shooting pool.

No word on whether or not things worked out for those kids as far as their relationship, but it sure did for Lil.Allyway video. It's doing some serious numbers and currently has over 500,000 views.

You've got to hand it to them (or not) for putting their bodies on the line in the name of content. Especially when in all likelihood their relationship will inevitably taper off and they're left with nothing but permanent reminders of the night out that once was.

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