Australian Open Player Says 'Gonna Make My Husband Work Tonight' After Win

Tunisian professional tennis player Ons Jabeur had fans at the Australian Open laughing during her post-match interview on Tuesday. The 28-year-old, No. 2 ranked player in the world, had just put the finishing touches on her first-round win over Tamara Zidansek when something she said didn't quite come out as planned.

Jabeur was asked about the recovery needed following the long match that ended late in the night. The interviewer suggested that an ice bath might be in play. She responded by confirming that there would indeed be an ice bath.

She also explained that her husband, Karim Kamoun, would play a role in the recovery process. Jabeur said, "Yeah ice bath and I'm gonna make my husband work tonight, so I have a lot of massage and good recovery."

The crowd responded as you would expect with cheering and laughter at her comment. She quickly jumped back toward the microphone and added, "Massage guys, massage."

As the cheering starting to die down Jabeur tried to explain that her husband was her fitness coach. She said, "For those who don't know my husband is also my fitness coach and does everything for me."

The crowd, probably thinking it was a joke, responded by laughing at the fitness coach comment. The Australian Open, or whoever runs their Twitter account, knew the comments were going to get some attention and shared that portion of the interview.

Sometimes A Slip Up Works In Your Favor

Despite the slip of the tongue, Jabeur was a good sport about the whole thing. She laughed it off in the moment and on social media by responded to the clip with a couple of crying laughing emojis.

Sure there are some who think that she gets down with her husband after matches as a way to recover. But on the positive side of things there are a lot more people who know her name and know that she's the No. 2 women's tennis player in the world.

Before this clip I don't know how many casual fans would have been able to pick her out of a lineup and identify her as one of the best tennis players in the world.