Attorney Reveals Why Idaho Massacre Survivor Likely Didn't Immediately Call 911

A survivor of the University of Idaho massacre likely didn't immediately intervene because she was experiencing intense fear.

Bryan Kohberger is accused of murdering Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin and Kaylee Goncalves. Two other people were in the house and were left unharmed.

One of the most fascinating parts of the case is the fact a roommate who survived the attack, identified in the probable cause affidavit as D.M., saw the killer in the house moments after the massacre. However, police weren't called for eight hours and D.M. returned to her room.

The probable cause affidavit doesn't make it crystal clear how close D.M. was to the killer. She was definitely close enough to get a look at the uncovered part of his face and his build.

Attorney for family of one of the Idaho victims explains what D.M. was likely feeling.

Shanon Gray, who represents the family of Kaylee Goncalves, spoke with Fox News about the situation and the survivor's actions. He made it clear an intense amount of fear likely paralyzed her.

"Remember, she's a victim in this case. Everyone kind of forgets that. She's still a victim in this case, and the fact that she was able to give some additional identification I think is beneficial in this case. She was able to give kind of type and build and what looked like a little bit — bushy eyebrows, things along those lines,"

He added that she returned to her room out of fear and explained, "She was scared to death and rightly so. This guy had just murdered four people in the home. So, who knows what was going through her head, but the Gonzalez family doesn't have any ill will towards her."

Bryan Kohberger is the accused killer.

With every new detail that comes out, the situation simply gets more horrifying, disgusting and unsettling.

Kohberger is accused of sneaking into the Moscow, Idaho home in the early morning hours and carrying out the massacre.

If he's convicted, he'll possibly be executed for the crime.

The actions of D.M. have become a focal point in the media and for investigators. She's been completely cleared of any wrongdoing, and it's important to make that clear. However, police are "puzzled" as to why she didn't immediately call the authorities as soon as she saw the killer.

It's important to recognize we're talking about a very young woman who was a college student. Most people have no idea how they'll react to trauma. In the case of D.M., when she was faced with an incredibly dangerous situation, she returned to her room and waited to alert the police.

It's interesting to say the least.

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest updates out of Moscow, Idaho as we have them. There will definitely be plenty more developments coming out about Bryan Kohberger and his alleged actions.

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