Athletes Love Wood Bunni, America's No. 1 Ranked Woodworking Influencer

Add athletes to the growing list of people who have become fans of Wood Bunni and her brand of woodworking. She's the world's No. 1 ranked woodworking influencer for a reason. As you would expect with such a title her DMs are starting to take a beating.

Sliding into the DMs of an influencer on the rise can be a tricky game, especially for celebrities and athletes. There's always a chance that those messages become public and help to build up the influencer's brand. At least two athletes were apparently willing to take that risk.

Former NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant and current Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley both slid in and both ended up having those messages end up on the Wood Bunni's Instagram Story. Being exposed would seem to suggest that neither was a successful slide.

Dez slid in with a simple "how are you." Which from the looks of the screenshot, and the strategically placed message directing her followers to her TikTok account, is only part of the DM exchange.

As for Pat, he threw a feeler out first. When Wood Bunni acknowledged his initial DM he asked her out to dinner. The screenshot of this DM exchange also included a message directing her followers to her TikTok and YouTube pages for more.

Because I have to research such matters I headed over to Wood Bunni's TikTok and was greeted with videos of her applying tanning oil and doing woodwork. Like this one.

You've Made It As An Influencer When The Athletes Start Sliding Into The DMs

After several more minutes of research I, sadly, found no evidence of any other DM related activities. Although, there was plenty of high level content of the woodworking influencer variety.

Again, like it or not, there's a reason Wood Bunni's on the top of the woodworking world right now. It's hard to believe that there are those who don't like what she's doing, but they do exist.

Sure she might not follow all of the rules, or wear much clothing. And yes, she plays it fast and loose with her eyewear and general safety, but you can't argue with the results. She's doing big things for the world of woodworking. The list of folks doing that is a short one.

HT: Wyn in Colorado