As Expected, 'Jack Ryan' Season 3 Is A Ton Of Fun And Not Woke

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to inform you season three of "Jack Ryan" is every bit as good as expected.

The third season of the hit series with John Krasinski as the title character dropped Wednesday on Amazon. After 1,146 days between new episodes, fans were finally able to grab some popcorn, maybe crack a beer, kick back and enjoy whatever chaos Jack Ryan has found himself in this time.

To say expectations were high for season three would be one hell of an understatement. Hype was off the charts.

It wasn't at a "Yellowstone" or "House of the Dragon" level, but it was definitely one level right beneath. Wednesday night, I fired up the season premiere.

Now, let me be clear. I was amped, and couldn't have been more excited. I had the place to myself and after more than three years without a new episode, I was ready to jump in.

"Jack Ryan" exceeds expectations.

Due to the request of many, I'm not going to spoil the premiere. I'll stick to what is obvious from the previews and go from there.

The premiere does a great job of setting the stage and making the stakes crystal clear. People in Russia, who are likely hardliners, have revived a decades-old project known simply as "Sokol."

Early in the episode, we see the Soviets failing to successfully develop Sokol in the late 1960s. In the present time, a shadow group has attempted to bring it back to life and we know nuclear weapons are in play.

What is the goal? In the simplest terms, it appears this project/plan will elevate Russia through violence and chaos. As we've speculated a bit, season three has some "Sum of all Fears" vibes, and that's obvious

The show also doesn't really push woke talking points or messages at all. It's just about figuring out what the hell the Russians are up to, and right from the jump we get some gun battles and death. In fact, we get multiple gunfights and the cinematography is outstanding.

It is worth noting there are some comments to suggest the premiere was filmed prior to the war in Ukraine. Specifically, I'm pretty sure I heard a line about hoping Russia doesn't take more than Crimea. Clearly, a full-scale war started.

Will the actual war be worked into episodes that might have been shot later? It's hard to know just yet, but I'm definitely curious.

After years of speculation, "Jack Ryan" season three arrived and it was everything we hoped for. If you haven't already started it, do yourself a favor and watch ASAP.

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