Arby's Manager Loses It On Customer Who Asked For A Refund

Being a manager of a store or a restaurant is not an easy job. You work long hours, have to babysit employees, and deal with angry customers. Oh, and to top it all off, the pay isn't great.

Rarely do things go smoothly and customers want to discuss anything positive with you. Again, it's not easy. But there are ways managers can and do make things more difficult on themselves.

A manager at an Arby's in Ohio didn't do herself any favors when dealing with a customer who asked for a refund.

The video of the back-and-forth picks up with the manager dropping what sounds like an F-bomb before snatching the customer's drink from the customer as he's being refunded. She adds a sarcastic "enjoy your day" as she walks away.

Things quickly escalate when the customer claims he's being shorted on the refund. The two trade insults and let a few F-bombs fly while the cashier corrects the refund. Naturally the video has racked up more than 1.4 million views.

So You Want To Be An Arby's Manager?

I'll say it again, this manager did herself no favors. I don't know why the customer asked for a refund, but she didn't have to snatch his drink and match him F-bomb for F-bomb.

That said, I'm not a "customer is always" right kind of guy either. Customers suck. This guy appears to be one that sucks. Asking for a refund on a $9 meal is the worst.

It's true I don't know why the customer asked for a refund. Who knows? Maybe there was a body part in his food.

Anything short of that and the guy should have just eaten his food or thrown it away and gone about his business. You're not that important and your fast food meal isn't either.

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