Annie Agar Brutally Roasts Tyreek Hill

Annie Agar jokingly put Tyreek Hill in a social media coffin with one tweet.

Agar, who is a huge hit in the social media content game, shared a video of herself zipping around in an IndyCar, and wondered if that is the kind of speed Tyreek Hill must feel all the time.

It's a fair question. After all, the Miami Dolphins receiver is one of the fastest athletes on the planet.

Hill used Agar's tweet as an opportunity to shoot his shot, and he ended up getting the tables turned on him in hilarious fashion.

"Saw the video of that kid at your camp tho, looked like he already had your number," Agar immediately hit back.

For those of you unaware of what Annie Agar is joking about, Tyreek Hill got absolutely cooked at a camp by a kid.

What do I mean by cook? He literally ended up on the ground.

Annie Agar isn't to be messed with.

You come at Annie Agar, you best not miss. I believe that's the main moral of the story when it comes to this situation.

As a general rule in life, shooting your shot online is almost always a bad idea. Seriously, has that ever worked out well? Is there one example involving athletes that I'm forgetting? Let me know in the comments if so, but mostly, it's always a disaster.

Tyreek Hill was just looking to have a little fun, and ended up getting cooked....again. First, he got cooked by a kid. Then, he got cooked in front of Annie Agar's 423,000+ followers.

Go ahead and hold that L, Tyreek. Just embrace it.

For those of you unaware of who Annie Agar is, she's been a star in the sports content game for a long, long time.

She started getting major attention with funny viral videos mocking sports fans and certain teams, and she also works as a correspondent for Bally Sports.

There's no doubt her popularity is only going to continue to surge.

For anyone who wants to dive down the rabbit hole of Annie Agar's Instagram, go ahead and take a look. She's a content machine.

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