Alabama Offers 8th Grader From Louisiana Football Scholarship, And You Can See Why

Guys, I hate to say it, but there’s a child in Louisiana right now who can’t even drive with a licensed adult in the car, but who could still take any one of us for a ride. He goes by the name of Keylan Moses, but maybe we should just call him ‘sir.’ Alabama football coach Nick Saban is already calling him home.

The Crimson Tide just offered 8th grader Keylan, little brother of Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dylan Moses, a scholarship to play college football without even having played high school football yet. Take a peek at this video, and you’ll see why.

Good God can you imagine being on the business end of this kid’s lowered shoulder pad? Picture this:

You’re 14 years old, wearing braces, just barely hanging on through puberty. Mom and Dad are in the stands with the camcorder. The cute girl from class is taking an interest now that you’re playing football. All of a sudden, a grown man with a D-1 offer and a 401(k) comes rumbling downfield and swats you aside like a gnat at a picnic. Welcome to the real world, my young friend. I hope you're ready. Make sure to pay attention in English class because you ain’t going pro when people like Keylan Moses exist.

Whenever I see videos like this, I immediately have so many questions. Do you think the red team was ever able to tackle him, even once? Do you even need a playbook when you have a weapon like this? Does Keylan ever get tired of scoring?

I remember back in Little League while catching kid pitch, I secretly hoped baserunners would get aboard so I could throw them out stealing. Do you think Keylan secretly hopes for a 3rd and long so the opposing team gets one small shred of hope--hope that he can immediately rip from their dead, lifeless fingers? I’d like to think so.

The truth is that everyone who played sports growing up has a story like this, where they had to go up against a future college stud or even professional talent. My college roommate from Texas, an undersized defensive lineman in high school, used to talk about taking high knees from a galloping Adrian Peterson during his teenage years. Nobody in town was stopping AD back then, just like nobody is stopping Keylan Moses in middle school (or maybe for a long time after that). Some people are just built differently, and when you encounter them on the field, you start understanding just how hard it is to become a professional athlete.

So while I wish Alabama football nothing but bad omens, I certainly wish Keylan all the best in his future sports career. I imagine in a decade or so I may be interviewing him in an NFL locker room, and I’d appreciate not getting run over on the way to the showers.

*Also, shoutout to the little Tasmanian devil throwing illegal blind side blocks for Keylan at the :22 second mark. Making the right friends is another good life lesson, and these kids are going places.