Al Sharpton, Nick Cannon On Separate Pages Regarding Kyrie Irving Suspension

Everyone has their take on Kyrie Irving's suspension for posting a link to an antisemitic film on Twitter. As for civil rights leader Al Sharpton, he thinks that the Brooklyn Nets star got off easy.

TMZ caught up with Sharpton in New York City and asked for his thoughts on Irving.

"I think that we need to really be careful, that those of us that have fought racism in the black community, that we can not in any way — even inadvertently — normalize being bigots against others," Al Sharpton said.

"I've not said anything other than we've gotta be consistent," he continued, adding that the same level of accountability needs to be maintained as when someone says something offensive toward the black community.

"We fight against bigotry of all forms," he said. "Bigotry can not be normalized and victims can not say that they're going to victimize others."

Al Sharpton And Nick Cannon Are On Different Sides Of The Kyrie Irving Story

Sharpton takes a completely different stance on the situation than that taken by Nick Cannon.

Sharpton seems to want Irving held accountable for his actions. Meanwhile, Cannon called the steps Irving must take to end his suspension "dehumanizing."

Cannon did an interview with Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. In it, Cannon said he knew "whole-heartedly" that Irving wasn't antisemitic.

However, as Greenblatt pointed out, Irving never issued a denial when asked if he was antisemitic.

“When given the chance to say are you anti-Semitic or not, he didn’t say ‘No I’m not’ — at the press conference he said, ‘Stop dehumanizing me,'” Greenblatt said.

Irving spoke with NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday as he works toward ending his suspension.

Sharpton talked about whether or not he thinks Irving will make a return to the NBA but said he hasn't taken a position on that.

I know there's talks with Kyrie and we're monitoring," he said. "But see I haven't taken a position on that; I'm gonna wait and see."

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