Aidan Hutchinson's Mom Trolls Aaron Rodgers After Packers Loss To The Lions

The Hutchinson family had themselves a weekend last week. Melissa Hutchinson, the proud mother, couldn't help but share the news with her followers on social media. She did a little trolling of an MVP quarterback in the process.

Melissa shared pictures from her daughter Mia's first martial arts tournament of some kind, where she took home a gold medal. As well as her Detroit Lions rookie son Aidan's win over the Green Bay Packers.

Melissa made sure to do a little trolling of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who Aidan intercepted a pass from in the end zone during the Lions 15-9 win. Her trolling came with a picture of her son and a smiling Rodgers.

She said in the caption, "A winning weekend of gold and cold moves … even Aaron Rodgers was smiling."

Aidan Hutchinson's Mom Is Pro Troll

The loss was the fifth straight for the Packers and dropped their record to 3-6 on the season. A loss to a divisional opponent is tough, especially when it's to a team that isn't very good.

The mom of a player trolling you is just salt in the wound if you're Aaron Rodgers. He addressed the loss and the multiple turnovers, specifically the one Hutchinson intercepted.

In true Rodgers' fashion he seems to imply that his teammates are to blame by saying "there's a lot that goes into each play." He also took some shots at armchair quarterbacks.

Not a whole lot of relaxing going on these days in Green Bay. This feels like a hole that they're not going to easily dig themselves out of.

You hate to see it. Rodgers sounds like he needs to take a journey or two very soon. Melissa and the Hutchinsons continue to do alright for themselves.

Aidan might not be on a good team, but he's in the NFL. His sister Aria might not have won the Miss USA pageant, but she's still Miss Michigan. Add the fact that his other sister is an MMA champ and this family is a force.