Adele Is Back, Kara Del Toro Invades Nashville, Kaep's New Job & A Mystery Old Timer In Saban's Office

Good luck trying to figure out the NFL

I've been doing this for weeks now, so there's no reason to stop now. It's official, the 8-2 Tennessee Titans now have the highest probability of winning the Super Bowl at 20%, according to, which has some supercomputer that's capable of figuring out this stuff.

Quickly moving along, with Sunday's loss to the Patriots, the Cleveland Browns are in a very tough situation as the 7th seed is starting to slip away from a team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender and the quarterback was supposed to get a massive big boy contract next offseason. The 5-5 Browns find themselves in a log jam with the Charges, Raiders, Colts and Broncos who are all now chasing the Bengals for that Wild Card weekend game on the road.

Based on the Browns' remaining strength of schedule, there's a 67% probability Baker and the crew won't make the playoffs.

Meanwhile, in the NFC, the playoff picture is starting to form and don't look now, but the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a four-team sprint for the No. 1 seed with the Packers, Cardinals and Rams. Which team is going to Green Bay and winning on January 30? Two full-time dome teams and a retractable dome team are facing an average high of 22.6 in Green Bay and lows that average around 12 that time of year.

Plus, Aaron Rodgers won't face COVID testing for 90 days. Packers-Titans in the Super Bowl, anyone?

• By the way, the Titans still have the easiest remaining strength of schedule in the NFL at .336. Clay needs to start focusing on Week 2 of the playoffs.

• The war of words between Mike in Pasadena & Dave M. has officially escalated now that Dave M. has responded to Mike who took a shot at his fellow Screencaps reader on Saturday:

My first thought was to disregard the comments from Mike in Pasadena, mainly because I assume it's Pasadena, California and I naturally disregard everything from California. But I will respond point by point.

If she wants to mow, fine by me. Who am I to stand in the way of progress?

With all that said, I can except any penalty or fine levied by the league except, mowing my lawn.  

I can deliver a fine to The Commissioner in the form of alcohol at Lot 10 tailgate, below The Glass Bowl, at the Rockets vs. Zips game on 11-27.

• Mike in Pasadena has also fired back another email:

I’m a big boy I can handle it....let’s see where it goes.

And for the record, my first “mental image” was of his wife walking behind a mower...not riding a nice fresh green Deere...

But...I stand by my words.

• Mark W. writes in on the topic of recliners, specifically how I have obtained my very first official recliner:

If you go into any professional football team, college team, heck, even some high school team locker room/training room, there is an abundance of high-tech recovery equipment to treat the athletes after a rigorous practice or tough game. Think of your recliner as a piece of recovery equipment after a long day of "doing hard things". You are not turning into an old man, you are a finely tuned machine that is recharging for another day of making a difference. That requires the proper equipment, in this case, your recliner.

Perspective is everything.

• I saved this one for this morning because it deserves your full attention. This is one of those wild events I've been talking about for six months. I'm looking for the oddest of the odd, and Louisiana has officially served up this one. In 2019, the state of Louisiana was paying hunters $5 to $6 per nutria they killed. Now this sport has turned into a big money event that has my full attention.

Do we have any readers who've taken part in one of these hunts? Based on the event poster, I need to know more about this rodeo.


• And with that, let's get this week rolling along. It's a big one. You're tying up loose ends before jerking around Thanksgiving week. Get those reports done. Get those projects completed. It's almost time for that huge holiday weekend. It's just around the corner.

Have a great week.

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