A Bagpiper Welcomed Snoop Dogg To Scotland By Playing His Song And It Ruled

The only pipe that Snoop Dogg hasn't smoked yet!

Upon arriving at an airport in Scotland, Snoop Dogg was greeted by a bagpiper playing one of his classic rap songs and the Internet is losing their mind over it.

I mean that's awesome.

Clearly that guy doesn't hit the weed as much as Snoop does - he wouldn't be able to have the lung capacity to play all those notes nonstop!

And Snoop dancing around in circles like a damn stoned lunatic is hilarious.

Snoop arrived in Glasgow, Scotland where he was performing a show this weekend.

Shout out to whoever booked the bagpiper - and for the song choice, Snoop and Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E."

Speaking with the Daily Record, bagpiper Ross Ainslie said he only had a day's notice to get ready for Snoop's arrival, so he went with the rap classic.

“I only had a day to suss out some music but Still D.R.E is a great pipe tune! Who knew?” he said.

The rapper-turned-weed-aficionado Snoop Dogg has become one of the most-liked celebrities across the globe, simply because he's Snoop Dogg and he's hilarious.

From making cookbooks with Martha Stewart, to putting out No. 1 songs, to most recently appearing at Jake Paul's boxing events to do some commentating, Snoop has dominated the pop culture realm and still remains an absolute superstar.

And you just know that he's now going to incorporate bagpipes in his next song.

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