'1923' Mid-Season Trailer Promises Plenty Of Violence, Offers Fans Clues

"1923" fans better prepare for bodies to start dropping in the second half of the first season.

The hit "Yellowstone" prequel with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren is currently on a break for a few weeks and will return with a new episode February 5.

In case you didn't already know, a storm of violence, carnage and blood is coming, and the mid-season trailer makes that crystal clear. Buckle up and give it a watch below.

"1923" is an incredible "Yellowstone" story.

You're missing out if you're not already watching "1923." Expectations were high going into the season one premiere, and yet, Taylor Sheridan had no problem with them.

The "Yellowstone" origin story is insanely dark, and when the series went to break after the first four episodes, the stage was set for an epic war.

Violence is coming, carnage is coming and death is already here.

The mid-season trailer makes it clear Harrison Ford isn't going anywhere.

When Harrison Ford's character Jacob Dutton got lit up by Banner's Thompson submachine gun, it looked like his time on "1923" might be nearing a rapid end.

Sheridan killing off a character played by a major actor wouldn't be a new trend. Kyle Chandler's "Mayor of Kingstown" character only stuck around for a cup of coffee before dying.

However, the mid-season preview makes it pretty clear Jacob isn't going anywhere. He's alive and it's now time for revenge.

What will Spencer do moving forward in "1923"?

One of the biggest questions for "1923" fans has been what will become of Spencer. He's Kayce 2.0. The Dutton heir is a grizzled veteran of WWI and violence is no stranger to him.

Near the end of episode four, Cara Dutton let Banner know she couldn't wait for him to meet her nephew. It was a clear sign that when Spencer returns, he'll bring death with him, but it also looks like he first has to get back to America.

If Spencer's arc is similar to Kayce's, which looks like a guarantee, he'll be stacking corpses like it's going out of style.

We'll get all these answers and more starting February when the hit "Yellowstone" prequel returns. I truly can't wait. The first part of season one was epic, and I have no doubt the coming episodes will be just as solid.

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