100-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday In A Strip Club Thanks To His Daughter

Some would call it the proper way to celebrate the 100th birthday, others might call it elder abuse, but one thing is certain: we've got a centenarian in a strip club, folks.

Gioacchino “Jack” Poma celebrated the big 1-0-0 at the Lodge a strip club in Dallas. And who shuttled him there? None other than his daughter, Dina.

Poma and family went for dinner at the gentleman's club — although who is really there for the food? — with Dina telling TMZ that the Lodge was the perfect place for her dad to celebrate 100 trips around the sun.


Well, because he “loves two things in life — women generally and boobs specifically.”

If he's a big First Amendment guy too, we may have found OutKick founder Clay Travis' kindred spirit.

If you peep through some of the pictures you'll find that our guy Jack really loves boobs. Can't get enough of them. Sounds like it's safe to say he probably loves them even more than Matlock reruns and senior discounts.

If a set of breasts came within a nautical mile of Jack's table Lodge, you can bet he knows. It's like a sixth sense.

A little quick math tells me Jack was born in 1922, which means he's seen everything. I'm sure he took some time between lap dances to weave some yarns about the Truman years or some old cars that he used to own.

By all accounts, the dancers loved hanging around with Jack, a man who was in his element despite being in a strip joint for the first time since his youth according to his daughter.

His daughter also said she wanted her dad to enjoy his life. His wife died 12 years ago and he was dating another woman since, but she died just last year.

Good for you, Jack, you wonderful old dog, and good on you Dina for giving your pops one memorable 100th birthday.

Hopefully, you think of Jack's party next time you celebrate your great-grandparents' 100th birthday with a couple of mylar balloons and a store-bought sheet cake.

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