Cris Carter Says Scotty Miller Was Open Because He’s White

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Pat McAfee brought on Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter to discuss the NFC Championship Game, and we learned that white privilege has no bounds.

According to Carter, white receivers have an easier time getting open because of their skin color. The double standards here are obvious, but could you imagine if someone said a defense left the deep ball open because they underestimated a black quarterback’s arm?

Cris Carter doesn’t need to apologize. We should just all recognize that stereotypes are real and that most people use them. They should be accepted from all sides of the racial spectrum.

Even former linebacker A.J. Hawk, who’s obviously white, reinforced Cris Carter’s stereotype of white receivers. After all, how could we forget that the movie White Men Can’t Jump was produced because of stereotypes? It’s in all of us, and we should quit pretending that stereotypes can only be made about white people.

It’s actually funny that defenders would take it easy on a receiver because he’s white, and then get absolutely cooked on a deep ball. Justice was served, but there’s no point in accusing Carter of being racist like some will. He’s not racist in any way. He’s honest.

“I’m just telling you, don’t sleep on Jordy Nelson,” Hawk said with a smile on his face.

The reality is that it’s not often that a white receiver is taking the the top off the defense. Most often, they’re in the slot and torching the middle of the field. It’s not a negative stereotype–it’s backed by math.

Other stereotypes should be accepted with grace

If an NFL executive was surprised a black quarterback with accuracy issues was better suited to play receiver, it wouldn’t be because of racism. Is Cris Carter racist for making a statement that white receivers are slept on? No. They are.

Players and fans hardly expect white receivers to dominate an NFL game, and not because of racism. We’re simply being honest and having fun. Since I’m a black and Jewish writer, I wonder how open they’d leave me?

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Gary, I hear you and I agree with you but don’t hold your breath that if a white linebacker said the same thing about a black QB there wouldn’t be days of ESPN coverage about racism. So it is currently a double standard that shouldn’t be there. You are right though all stereotypes are founded in some truth.

  2. Nice work Gary. I was actually getting annoyed then as I finished the article I started to remember a time when we had a sense of humor about stuff like this. Something to think about going forward in this current environment.

  3. Stupid comment but it was bad coverage. He had no idea where the Receiver was. He lost sight of the receiver and never bothered to check until the ball was in the air, keeping eyes in the backfield. Should have played 10-15 yards off at snap but that’s on the coordinator for not calling a D that has players playing deeper and sidelines.

    • Absolutely, David…end of the half, DB King had no other responsibilities, ‘cept he wanted to be ball-hawking, and Brady looked him off by watching the center/right of the field til Miller had a couple of steps. On the DB…and especially on the DC.

  4. Cris Carter has always been very candid, and I like that. Gary, I don’t think there is a bias that Jewish people can’t run fast. Or, is there? In either case, you would not be overlooked due to your last name. DB’s would be testing you every play until you proved your worth.

  5. Lol. Carter is right. It is an ingrained stereotype that white guys can’t jump and are slow and it is at all levels of sports from Jr, High School, College, pros, Pickup games, and intramurals. At UT our frat was on old row and in IM flag football we played all the black fraternities and they always underestimated your speed and overall ability at least to start with. On offense first play was always to try and run a fly pattern on you and on D to be right up on you until you ran past him a couple of times. Then it would settle down once he realized you’re not a sloth and he wasn’t Carl Lewis. Side Note for UT fans: Yes Sterling Henton never stops talking. He was playing LB for the Que Dawgs in ’92 and it was nothing but jawing back and forth. No idea why they didn’t have him playing QB.

  6. Cris Carter has a track record of saying stuff like this. He has a weird chip on his shoulders regarding race and athletics.

    the problem with Carter’s comments generally is that he does this, but really there is no retort except a racial discussion.

    Darrell Green of the Redskins was and still is the fastest man to ever play football in the NFL. he was fast in the first 20 yards and for a full 100 yards.

    he was and is my favorite Redskins with John Riggins a close 2nd.

    most don’t know that John Riggins ran Track at Kansas at 230-240lbs.

    i never saw darrell chase john, but i also never heard Darrell say, ‘he is fast for s white guy’.

    And for me, i wanted to be as fast as Darrell. i never quite got there, but it also never occured to me that i couldn’t be as fast because i’m white. (is Irish-Armenian White? – not sure)

    good work Gary.

  7. Carter wasn’t pulling the race card or trying to reinforce a stereotype from what I can tell. He’s saying – THIS is what the defender as thinking. And he follows it up with ‘NEVER underestimate an NFL player.’ I fail to see an issue with anything he said to be quite honest, and I’m someone who certainly despises to racial and political double standard that exists in American culture and government.

  8. If you just read the headline, as a white person(as I am), it would be easy to get offended….that’s why you need to read the entire context. Carter is a professional athlete so he has a better insight for how other athletes feel. Reading the entire article, I can’t disagree with his take

  9. Shoot there are athletic types from all nationalities…has more to do with the muscle structure than the skin suit.

    But yeah I’d agree with Carter…nobody accidently makes the NFL because they needed some sort of meritible talent to get there.

  10. Stereotypes are now ok?? I dare you or anyone else to say anything considered stereotypical about Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson or any black QB & expect the sports press to be okay with it…it won’t happen.

    • My point exactly. If this were reversed MSESPN and CNN would have 5000 stories about the scourge of white supremacy and racism in America. Just remember boys and girls its ok for everyone in America to have racist thoughts or stereotypes except white people.

  11. Hawk and Reiner are right. Double standards. Look, we have cities burned, federal buildings taken over, cops abused both physically and emotionally all summer. But as soon as a few white people enter the Capital Building, all of a sudden our country’s biggest threat is white supremacy. Fuck BLM and the white left dickwads.

  12. I have seen this with my own eyes. My daughter is a Division 1 point guard and was the state player of the year as a junior. I watched her get underestimated her entire club and HS career by black players who hadn’t played her before. It’s not racist. It’s called playing the odds when you are sizing up an opponent. They quickly learned to take her seriously. What happened with Miller was a time when playing the odds based on based on certain bias-black players are faster and quicker and no white person can beat me-bit someone in the ass. His statement wasn’t racist but speaking a truth that every single person who has ever played sports knows to be true. Larry Bird used to be offended when white people were assigned to defend him. He said it was disrespectful to his game. This bias has existed forever in sports. Get over it.

  13. I think it’s easier for black receivers to get open. There are more of them, so that should end that assertion. Maybe, Carter doesn’t want to see any white receivers catch footballs.Thank God, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce didn’t bring this ignorant topic up.

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