Cowboys Using ‘Monkey Butt’ For Motivation

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A year after Dallas coach Mike McCarthy went Gallagher on some watermelons in order to inspire his team, the Cowboys coach is now using a different motivational tactic. McCarthy’s relying on the assistance of Anti-Monkey Butt powder to keep the Cowboys from stinking.

Ahead of their 40-point win over Atlanta last Sunday, McCarthy gifted each of his players the chaff-prevention powder to ready themselves for “R.A.W,” which, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, is McCarthyism for “Red-Ass Week.”

McCarthy felt the need to prep his players for R.A.W. after a crappy Week Nine game against Denver when their six-game winning streak went down the toilet.

Per Pelissero, McCarthy explained the purpose of Red-Ass Week: “In other words [it means] ‘Get mad.’ Take it personally, and then get on the field and take it out on the Falcons.”

The Cowboys didn’t monkey around with McCarthy’s motivation. On Sunday, Dallas looked anything but crappy, besting Atlanta 43-3.

“I highly recommend [RAW], if anybody has never used it. I don’t want to get into my personnel hygiene here, but ‘RAW,’ Red Ass Week, was the topic,” McCarthy said earlier this week. “We made an emphasis based on correcting what went on last week. I thought our players did a great job with it. Just had some fun with it. Another way to focus.”

Now that players have been equipped with anti-friction powder, they should have no problem opening a can of Red Ass on this weekend’s opponent — Kansas City.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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