Cowboys Lose Their Cool After Getting Destroyed By Undefeated Eagles

Great to see the NFC East get competitive again…

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t hold it together against the division-rival Eagles, losing 26-17 to Philadelphia in primetime.

Dallas’ missing defense was to blame for a commanding lead by the Eagles early on. Everyone on the unit was disappointed, including All-Pro Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs.

The Cowboys offense started building momentum in the second half, cutting the deficit to three points in the fourth until their defense stopped all momentum by surrendering a wide-open touchdown to DeVonta Smith.

Responsible for the blown coverage was Trevon Diggs, and once the scoring play was over, Diggs took his helmet off and slammed it into the end zone. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Eagles held onto their lead after the score, 26-17, to nab the win and remain undefeated.

Tempers stayed hot until the contest was over.

In the game-ending drive by Philadelphia’s offense, Cowboys defensive lineman Osa Odighizuwa got in a scrap with Eagles center Jason Kelce. Odighizuwa wrapped Kelce’s legs for an MMA-style takedown at the line of scrimmage, which earned the Cowboys another unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni got heated over the Odighizuwa-Kelce scrap and started jawing at the Cowboys lineman and officials.

“F**k you,” Sirianni shouted in the Cowboys player’s direction. The coach spoke on the sideline outbursts after the game.

“I was mad about the extracurricular activities. I’m always going to stick up for our guys. You may have seen me in the Jets game in the preseason,” Sirriani said.

“They hit Jalen (Hurts) out of bounds and I reacted very similarly. I’m sure we weren’t angels in that confrontation right there (tonight). I’m sure we had something to do with that a little bit as well. There was a little scuffle right there and I’m going to stick up for our guys. That’s just who I am.”

The Cowboys dropped to 4-2 and third in the NFC East standings behind the Eagles (6-0) and New York Giants (5-1).

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