Cowboys LB Micah Parson Defends Giants’ Kayvon Thibodeaux After Taking Cut Block By Thadd Moss

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Either Bengals tight end Thaddeus Moss doesn’t know how to block like a grown man, or his hit on Giants rookie and edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux was cheap.

While the online masses bicker over the quality of Moss’ cut block on Thibodeaux, which will sideline the 2022 fifth-overall pick for “three to four weeks,” one player taking the Giants’ side is Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons — which is surprising considering how much these NFC East franchises despise each other.


Parsons couldn’t help but tweet out his frustration during Sunday’s preseason game between the Giants and Bengals when Thaddeus landed the questionable hit.

He posted a fired-up message asking that the League reconsider the legality of the cut block after years of knee damage and related leg injuries due to the low hit.

“I don’t [know] why cutting is still allowed in the NFL!! We grown a*s f***ing men! Let’s play ball bro! I hate to see that s— man!” Parsons tweeted, as relayed by Fox News Digital.


Thankfully, KT’s injury wasn’t season-ending. Thibodeaux suffered minimal MCL damage and is expected to return by the start of the season, or Week 2 the latest.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll gave his thoughts on the injury and block by Moss.

“Those are tough blocks – the blocks that are coming from across the line of scrimmage within the tackle box,” Daboll said. “You’ve got to see it, and then you’ve got to do a great job of trying to play with your hands. So, it’s unfortunate that K.T. went down. But that’s part of the game.”

“He’s worked extremely hard,” he added. “So, certainly, you never want to miss time. He has the right attitude. The right approach. He’ll rehab as hard as he can rehab and be ready to go when he’s ready to go.”

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