COVID Rates Are Down Across The SEC Since College Football Season Started

Another day, another wild miscalculation from our government about the severity of COVID. A few weeks ago, as the reasonable half of the country geared up for football season and the live pageantry that accompanies it, our country’s resident medical prognosticator, Dr. Fauci, claimed that packed stadiums would surely cause cases to spike in surrounding neighborhoods.

Ironically enough, as is becoming commonplace for Fauci’s panic-inducing prognostications, the exact opposite happened: cases are down all across the South, including a massive 44% decrease in Florida, the state which Democrats deem a third world country at this point for its relaxed Republican COVID policies. Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina are also all down at least 30% in the same time frame. For comparison’s sake, Minnesota, the blue state which spawned the 2020 summer riots, was up 121% in the same timeframe.


Is there a correlation between viral rates and large, outdoor exposures? It’s hard to tell, but what’s obvious is that Fauci and his sycophants who treat all normal human activity, like socialization, as if it were premeditated murder need to be tuned out of the public consciousness. Has there ever been a public official who garnered so much partisan support despite so many outright falsehoods? This isn’t the MLB, hitting .300 doesn’t make you a Hall of Famer in the world of modern medicine. It makes you a hack.

Written by TK Sanders


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