COVID Lockdowns Caused the UK’s Worst Economic Contraction in 311 Years

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Nearly every day more information comes out on the unimaginable stupidity of COVID related policy.

Whether it be the horrific consequences of school closures, pointless and harmful mask mandates or the transfer of wealth throughout the country, the unintended consequences of government intervention have been enormous.

A new report out of the UK details how damaging these policies have been over the past few years.

The Office of National Statistics estimated that the UK’s economy shrank 9.3% in 2020. This projections was already one of the worst years on record.

New estimates revised that to an astonishing 11%, making it the worst drop since the “Great Frost” of 1709.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 03: Oxford Circus intersection remains very quiet during what would usually be a busy time of day, on April 03, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread to many countries across the world, claiming over 50,000 lives and infecting over 1 million people. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Most in the media blame the virus itself for the dramatic failures of global governments. The actual culprit was the uselessness of pandemic modeling and incompetence of “experts” who advised politicians to lock countries down.

Lockdowns achieved nothing; they didn’t “save lives” or reduce the spread of the virus, they simply annihilated humanity’s collective progress.

Not just in immediately visible statistics like the worst economic decline in three centuries, but with future generations that will be less educated and more unaware of how to manage risks and benefits.

They also convinced swaths of humanity that snake oil cures like masking would permanently protect them. This set the world’s collective intelligence back generations.

Every policy has trade-offs, with the hope that intelligently designed policies will have a positive balance, with more beneficial trade-offs than harms.

Lockdowns, which helped create the worst financial year in the UK since long before the United States was a country, managed to achieve the rare feat of combining zero benefits with awe-inspiring harms.

Great work, Dr. Fauci!

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC

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