COVID Vax Mandate Grounding Pilots: FAA ‘Needs To Be Forced To Do The Right Thing’

The forced COVID jab was more than an infringement, but it’s literally grounding pilots and they are fed up.

Founder of US Freedom Flyers and airline pilot, Joshua Yoder, joined Tomi Lahren to break it down and give a more clear picture of what is going on.

“The Federal Aviation Administration, they typically have a very long history, actually, of being of being erring on the on the very safe side of everything,” Yoder said. “For instance, I can’t take NyQuil and go fly tomorrow. So what’s interesting is the FDA came out on December 10th with the emergency use authorization for these for these vaccines. And by December 12th, the FAA doing zero long term safety studies on their own. So there’s many stories out there. Pilots like Cody Flynn, who passed out while he was flying, doesn’t remember landing his aircraft. Captain Gregg Pierson, who wanted to atrial fibrillation within hours of his first Pfizer shot.”

Yoder continued: “The FAA is not admitting it because when they do, they’re admitting civil and criminal liability. The unions who mandated the jab, they’re certainly not going to admit it. The unions who were completely in bed with the companies and still are. They’re not going to admit it.

“And then you have the pilot who’s having the issue, who is afraid to come forward because they’re going to lose their career if they do right. They’ll be placed on long term disability, which is a fraction of what they were earning as a pilot. So now you have a lot of people that are afraid to come forward here, and we don’t believe there’s really a way forward probably outside of litigation, like the FAA needs to be forced to do the right thing. I can tell you there are people within within the agency that are are very much in agreement with with what US freedom fighters has been saying and those people are helping us on the inside.”

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