Couple’s Gender Reveal Party Included A Stripper Pole

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Gender reveal parties get more and more outrageous by the day. That said I don’t think they can top this one that included a stripper pole.

The recent gender reveal party, which was posted on TikTok by @mariap_poledance, racked up more than six million views and featured a stripper pole complete with a couple of dancers.

One dancer wore a blue outfit and the other wore a pink one, of course. Neither of them revealed the gender to the expecting couple.

They did do a little performing.

The video made its way to the Reddit page TikTok cringe, which features “The Best and Worst of TikTok.” The fact that the gender wasn’t revealed in the video left the group confused.

One person asked, “So what gender was it? Or was it twins, boy/girl? I have so many questions.”

“There’s something… off about seeing a bunch of half naked beautiful flexible women spinning around a pole, then fast cut to the husband tenderly beautifully kissing his wife on her cheek,” another commented.

A third person was completely confused by the whole thing, “I mean they are both very talented and this is original but just… why?”

This one’s going to be hard to top

According to the Reddit page, the mom is a pole dance teacher. And the two ladies preforming are a couple of her students.

As for the gender reveal, the original video was followed up with one that finally reveals the gender to the expecting couple.


а вот и результат 😍 хейтерам пройти мимо #рек #реки #genderparty

♬ ily (i love you baby) – 2020 Remix – We Rabbitz

A boy! Congratulations. I hope mom and dad share these videos with him one day. I’m sure he would appreciate the gender reveal as much as the internet did.

It’s not conventional and it certainly isn’t anything like the golf ball or baseball reveal, but all things considered it could have been much worse.

At least no explosives were involved and they didn’t end up burning anything down.

Written by Sean Joseph

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