Couple Gets Carjacked While Having Sex

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The world is completely out of control these days. Security camera footage shows a recent carjacking with a twist. The twist is that the owner was still in the car and was having sex at the time.

The footage shows the August 17 incident from an unknown location in Brazil. Three men are seen approaching a white car parked on the side of the road in a well-lit area. They are somehow able to open the apparently locked doors before attempting to jump in the car.

There was only one problem: the backseat was occupied with what looks like a naked man and woman. The two, who appeared to be having sex at the time of the carjacking, were able to get out of the car before the thieves drove off.

Twitter screenshot from carjacking in Brazil

Let’s be better people

The entire encounter with the carjacking thieves wasn’t negative. Before making their getaway the carjackers were decent enough to toss out some of the clothes they had left in the backseat.

The two shocked lovebirds were left standing naked in the middle of the street. All they could do was attempt to dress themselves as the carjackers made off with their ride.

I know parts of Brazil have some out of control crime, but there has to be a line somewhere. If you roll up on a car you want to steal and there are people having sex in it you have to move on.

We have to be lines that aren’t crossed in a civil society. I know that’s pretty much gone out the window over the past few years, but come on.

It’s bad enough being a thief. You don’t want to be the kind of person who steals a car while people are having sex in it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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