Country Music’s New Number One Isn’t Interested In Your Complaints About America

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Aaron Lewis has the top song on Billboard’s Hot Country chart, and plenty of American pride to go with it. “Am I the Only One” is a lyrical “F— You” to the statue removing, flag disrespecting, anti-Americans polluting our country. Lewis’ single takes aim at those disrespecting the red, white and blue and then questions whether anyone’s still listening to Springsteen (they’re not).

Lewis, who first gained fame as the lead singer of Staind, pours his pride into the acoustic ballad with each verse more prideful than the next:

Am I the only one, willin’ to bleed
Or take a bullet for bein’ free
Screamin’, “What the f—” at my TV
For tellin’ me, yeah, are you tellin’ me?
That I’m the only one, willin’ to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin’ on the ground
Another statue comin’ down in a town near you
Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone

Appearing recently on Fox & Friends, Lewis shared his thoughts on what promoted him to co-write the single with Ira Dean and Jeffrey Steele.

“I lived through the last year and a half … and I found myself on many occasions, just like all of you, sitting and scratching my head and wondering what is going on in this amazing country that we have,” he said.

In nearly four-and-a-half minutes of music packed with American pride, Lewis finds time to ask an important question by way of his instantly recognizable voice:

Am I the only one who quits singin’ along
Every time they play a Springsteen song?

Other memorable lyrics within country’s top song include:

Am I the only one not brainwashed?
Makin’ my way through the land of the lost
Who still gives a shit and worries ’bout his kids

And …

Am I the only one who can’t take no more
Screamin’, ‘If you don’t like it, there’s the f—–‘ door’
This ain’t the freedom we’ve been fightin’ for
It was somethin’ more, yeah, it was somethin’ more

It’s time for everyone else to acknowledge what country fans already know, music has a new Boss, and he doesn’t live in Jersey.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Thanks for the article, Toby Keith has another good tune in the same genre. I’m in San Diego, I’m the son of a fabulous Irish immigrant, 1947, Ellis Island. I have a lot of friends, black, Hispanic, gay, whatever. I’ve been pretty clear, “I have your back, but if you are looking for some extra level of “support” or acknowledgment of “pride,” I’m not buying it. So, I could care less about your “this-or-that,” and after all, isn’t that what everyone wants? I don’t care if you’re black, gay, whatever, don’t expect me to March in some goofy parade.

  2. Great song & lyrics..
    How many of us have been going through the same in our hearts & minds?
    Definitely helps when someone steps up like Aaron to let us know, WE ARE’NT THE ONLY ONES!

    (and I highly recommend the comments section of the youtube video of the song!)

  3. Yea jack, I actually took Toby Keith comments about the right as they need to do more. I do like this song by Aaron better tho, it’s more passionate. But I still liked toby Keith’s

  4. Love is written on the heart … either patriotic or not … Love our country or not…and to disrespect and act against our nation, you are a traitor… E Pluribus Unum … there is only one flag above us all ❤️🇺🇸

  5. “Am I the only one, willin’ to bleed
    Or take a bullet for bein’ free…”


    “That I’m the only one, willin’ to fight
    For my love of the red and white
    And the blue, burnin’ on the ground…”

    When the person making these kinds of comments has never served in our country’s military, they ring hollow. Aaron Lewis is definitely not the only one, in fact, he’s not one at all. So let’s see what he can do for all of those who actually have fought, taken bullets and bled. If he steps up for them, he will have my respect.

    • Nah this is a bad take. There aren’t many former combat veterans with the musical gifts and the platform to make and perform a song like this on a big stage. Saying that this message shouldn’t be out there because of that is wrong. Many, many veterans are very happy he used his talents and platform to do this.

  6. Mr. Farris, thank you for showing love for the new Aaron Lewis tune.

    One of my favorite lines is his FU to boss shitstain:
    Am I the only one who quits singing along
    Every time they play a Springsteen song

    No, Mr. Lewis, you are not the only one.

    God Bless Aaron Lewis, and God Bless the USA

  7. This dude has been bringing it for a while before this song…check out his other stuff from the last few years after he made the jump over to country. I’d recommend “Don’t Tread On Me (Country Boy)” and “If I Was A Liberal” as a couple to start off. Good article to bring attention to this man.

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