‘Corporate S–t’: New Jersey City Fires Social Media Manager, But He Goes Rogue On TikTok & Takes Shot At Local Mall

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A New Jersey community is reeling after a Millennial social media manager went off the rails and posted personal TikTok messages to the town’s account after he was fired, according to local officials.

Social media bad boy Graham Colligan is dominating the gossip circles in Summit, New Jersey where up until recently he was pumping out video content promoting the town’s small diners, the town’s bucolic setting, and promoting the local mall.

That all changed recently when Graham went all Hollywood Hogan after he was fired by the city. According to NJ.com, someone at the city forgot to kill Graham’s TikTok access and this bad boy took full advantage to vent.

He’d had enough of being Good Guy Graham. It was time for the Summit, New Jersey TikTok fans to hear from Hollywood Hogan-Colligan.

Doooooooo it, Graham. Let ’em have it.

“Summit NJ fired me as their social media manager but I’m still logged into their TikTok account lmao,” Colligan captioned one of his TikTok videos from the town’s official account. “Alright time to start some Nj drama,” he added.

Graham’s grievances included:

“Listen, as long as you treat your employee well, and pay them the amount that you agreed upon and didn’t fire them for going on vacation that you OK’d with three months in advance, I’m sure, like, there’s no reason why someone would lock you out of your account, especially after a month of being fired,” he said in one video.

He also railed against the cost of homes in Summit where a 1 bed, 1 condo runs just shy of $300k which wasn’t going to work based on the $23 an hour Hollywood Hogan-Colligan was making per hour for 10 to 15 hours of work.

In another video, Graham goes off on the local mall, which he says was a big no-no from city officials who warned the bad boy to never, ever even think about saying anything about the mall.

Now that he was fired, the bad boy did bad boy things.

Millennial Graham said the Mall at Short Hills is “mega capitalist corporate America type sh-t. Like, cookie-cutter stealing away from, like, small businesses … just, I don’t f— with it.”

Pure Hollywood Hogan move right here. Now whatcha gonna do, Summit city leaders?

Look, this probably wasn’t the best job for Graham. He started in September and lasted until December. That’s the kind of run that screams it wasn’t a good fit from the start.

It’s time for a fresh start for Graham, but here’s some advice for this bad boy: Use the Google search headlines to your advantage. Graham’s Google history will forever be associated with this incident.

Spin it, Graham.

Tell these business leaders this is the kind of attention Graham can produce once the reins are removed. Tell them Graham Unleashed is good for clicks. Sell yourself, my man.

Now go get ’em, kid.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. “I work 10-15 hours a week and make $23 and hour, working for the city, but can’t figure out why I am unable to buy a home. Simultaneously, I am going to complain that I hate capitalism which would lead to higher wagers due to competition in the marketplace. All on a social media platform that is entirely driven by commercials, corporate sponsors, and the Chinese government.”

    Poor little sheep is confused

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