Coronavirus Data in Texas & Florida Prove How Disastrous New York Handled Pandemic

Total202 From the July 20, 2020 Outkick The Show… Coronavirus Update:  Forever we have heard the cases are going to surge if we open back up and the death rate is going to skyrocket. There are going to be a lot of New Yorks. What we have seen so far is even though the cases More

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  1. Empirical evidence doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s really that simple. Look it’s not a very long walk to connect the dots here. Cuomo and Deblasio were beyond inept. The constant ranting about Trump only served them early on. For people outside the CNN echo chamber they’re being exposed for what they are.

  2. To show how the “fear porn” is being promulgated check out Instagram influencer “littlesouthernwife”. She posted an email she received yesterday from a group called “Main Street One”. The email is going to Instagram influencers and openly solicits them to push and post about the fears of returning to school. They don’t pull punches and flat-out say they’re paying $$$. Have the corona bros really come to this? Uh, yeah. Of course the group is outspokenly anti-Trump, but did I need say anything? Covid is real, it’s dangerous to the already at risk populations, the hype the media is pushing is a clear hoax, and an economic depression by people buying into it is FAR deadlier. We all have to start calling the propaganda out publicly.

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