Coronabro Sports Media Has Yet To Pardon Vikings QB Kirk Cousins For Being Unvaccinated

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Back when vaccines stopped COVID in its tracks, highly informed sports writers sought to bully athletes into receiving the jab for not accepting “the science.”

One guy that stayed Teflon to all the hate was Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. Apparently, he’s still not off the hook.

OutKick founder Clay Travis started the new year on the right foot: calling out BS hysterics from coronabro-writers such as The Star Tribune’s Jim Souhan, who wrote a highly considered piece on Cousins’ positive COVID diagnosis.

On Friday it was announced Cousins tested positive for COVID and will now hand the starting honors to backup Sean Mannion, a distant choice as the primo pick to lead Minnesota’s offense.

Enraged by the thought of likely losing to the Packers on Sunday under Mannion, Souhan lambasted Cousins for being unvaccinated and said the team must cut him ASAP.

In his piece titled “For all the difficulty he’s caused, for all he’ll yet cause, for his idiocy, dump Kirk Cousins” the columnist wrote: “Had Cousins gotten vaccinated, it is possible that he could have still tested positive and missed a game. By going unvaccinated all season, he increased the odds that a positive test would keep him out of a game. In sports, this is known as an unforced error.”

Souhan’s soapbox slowly began to creak as the weight of his bad take shot up the scale.

“Stop letting him damage the franchise, as well,” Souhan begged. “Establish that there are consequences to betraying your franchise and teammates. Establish that your organization has standards.”

Clay responded to Souhan on Twitter with the following: “The insistence of coronabro loser sportswriters to cling to their players who turned down the covid ‘vaccine’ are idiots narrative is embarrassing. And actually labels the sportswriters as the idiot sheep not the players.”

In a threaded response, he added, “The NFL itself is now treating covid ‘vaccinated’ & unvaccinated the same when it comes to positive tests. So if the NFL now acknowledges there is no difference why are sportswriters still trying to enforce this artificial distinction? Because sportswriters are mostly dumb sheep.”

During the offseason, the sports media ripped Cousins for sitting out due to exposure to COVID. Though the patient zero on the team was backup quarterback Kellen Mond, subjected to the same isolation period as Cousins, sportswriters relished their opportunity to bash Kirk for being unvaccinated.

Longing for the halcyon days of a tepid Teddy Bridgewater, or actual flops like Christian Ponder, Souhan wants Minnesota to move on from Cousins to get the team back on track.

Whether he implied a “winning” track ironically or not remains a question.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Carson Wentz was vaccinated, dutifully wears his face diaper on the field, and STILL got Covid last week. That’s all completely fine, but Cousins gets Covid while unvaccinated and needs to go. What a bunch of lunatics.

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