Coronabro Doctor Goes Nuts On United Airlines, Claims Company Is ‘Cool If A Few Kids Die’ After Dropping Masks

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After two years of maskless daycare children across this country picking their noses, smashing their hands into little friends’ faces & sneezing on each other, the death rate for 0-4-year-old children remains so low that even the most liberal of media companies out there have moved on from freaking out parents because it’s not moving the needle.

But that didn’t stop liberal maniac Twitter doctor Jeremy Faust, MD from flipping out on United Airlines over the company’s decision to lift its mask mandate once a federal judge overturned a nationwide directive to mask up on planes.

Faust went straight to claiming United is telling the world it’s “totally cool with this meaning that a small number of babies will die of COVID.”

“Imagine celebrating the deaths of a small number of kids so that you don’t have to wear a mask on a plane. What happened to decency?” Faust asked while also claiming that he is terrified to make a return flight with his pregnant wife and unvaccinated 4-year-old son.

Jeremy would rather the airlines wait to lift the mask rule until a vaccine that offered “almost no protection against coronavirus invention in kids ages 5 to 11” is available to children 4 and under who have been spitting on other kids for two years.

376 deaths of American children 4 and under have been attributed to COVID by the CDC since the beginning of the COVID era.

COVID deaths children 0-4
via CDC

In the U.K., the BBC reported in July that the mortality rate for children under 18 was 2 per million. Hospital stays were rare.

Vox Media reported in October that “Flu and pneumonia, heart disease, drowning, guns, and motor vehicles were all deadlier to children during the same time periods annually from 2015 to 2019” when compared to COVID deaths in children under 18 during the alpha and delta variant stages.

Even the experts that CNN has trotted out for two years have reversed course on masks. This is Chinese AI bot Dr. Wen’s greatest hits. Watch until the end:

Yet even with all the data right in front of him, Dr. Faust can’t let go of the lib lib coronabro era. Where was Dr. Faust back in 2019 screaming at the airlines over RSV deaths in children who picked up a virus on an airplane?

There was an estimated 100-500 deaths per year attributed to RSV, doc. Did you let your child fly on an airplane before 2020 without a mask?

Shame on you, Jeremy.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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